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The issuance of associate degrees for storage projects has begun

The President of EPDK announced that a decision has been made to issue preliminary licenses for 12 RES and GES projects, with the total number of applications approaching 4,400.

Mustafa Yılmaz, President of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), announced last November that preliminary licenses would begin to be issued for storage applications, which started accepting applications. Yılmaz stated in his statement to Anadolu Agency that a decision had been made to issue preliminary licenses for a total of 744 MW of installed capacity, equivalent to 12 wind and solar power plants. Yılmaz added that this figure would increase in the coming weeks.

According to the announcement made by the President of EPDK, a total of 4,369 applications were made to the institution in the process that started on November 19, 2022, corresponding to a total installed capacity of 221,000 MW.

113,500 MW of the applications were made for wind energy projects and 107,500 MW were made for solar energy projects.

Mustafa Yılmaz stated:

“Our institution has decided to issue preliminary licenses for 12 storage-based RES and GES projects, with a total installed capacity of 744 megawatts. This is good news for our industry and our people. This figure means the realization of an investment of approximately 1.5 billion dollars. We are still at the beginning of the process, and this figure will increase exponentially in the coming weeks. We thank everyone who supported the implementation of this regulation, especially our President and our Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. With these investments, we will achieve significant progress in the development of battery technologies, as well as wind turbine and solar panel production. We will also see a significant contribution to employment through the investments that are realized. The development of local battery technologies will also affect the development of the electric vehicle sector. In short, both our people and our industry will win.”