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Portugal will use four energy technologies in a single field

Portugal’s public electricity generation company EDP will use two types of renewable energy sources and two types of energy storage technology in a single power generation area.

According to the company’s statement, a 5 MW floating solar power plant will be installed in the reservoir area of the Alqueva hydroelectric power plant, which has a pumped-storage technology with a capacity of 255.6 MW.

One MW of this plant will also be integrated with a 2 MWh lithium-ion energy storage unit.

The solar power plant, which is expected to generate an annual electricity production of 7 GWh, is expected to meet 25% of the total electricity consumption of two cities in the region.

Construction of the plant is scheduled to begin in the summer months, and it is aimed to be operational by the end of 2022.

In addition, the company has already obtained a production license from the country’s energy management for the installation of a second 70 MW solar power plant in the same reservoir area.

With its 25.6 GW capacity, the company provided 78% of last year’s electricity generation from renewable energy sources.