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Energy storage investments in Italy increased by 333% in one year.

It has been reported that energy storage system installations in Italy increased by more than four times in 2022.

According to data released by the Italian Renewable Energy Association ANIE Rinnovabili, the average monthly installation of 3,000 energy storage systems in the country in 2021 increased to 13,000 in 2022.

Based on data from the system operator Terna, the association found that 152,075 storage units were installed in the country last year.

The total capacity of these units integrated into the systems, which are dependent on the country’s 1.12 gigawatt (GW) electricity production capacity, was 2.03 gigawatt-hours (GWh).

“With these installations, the total number of storage units in the country increased to 227,477 by the end of 2022.

The total capacity of these units, which are dependent on 1.53 GW electricity production systems, reached 2.75 GWh.

The vast majority of these storage units, which were mostly installed in residences, were connected to photovoltaic systems.”