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why you should visit We Harness the Power of the Sun for
a Sustainable Investment Environment

Solar+Storage NX, aiming to bring all industry stakeholders together for the development and widespread adoption of the renewable energy industry, including solar energy potentials, will be an unparalleled networking platform for its visitors. It will contribute to the formation of an investment climate by bringing together industry-leading companies and visitors from all over the world.

what are the benefits Why You Should Visit

Güneş sektörünün önde gelen firmalarının ve dev projelerin yer alacağı fuarda yerinizi alın, endüstri lideri konuşmacıları dinleyin


Join over 10,000 industry professionals from 51 countries and take advantage of networking opportunities.


Gain Visibility

Meet with professional investors and leading suppliers, have exclusive B2B meetings, and expand your brand.


Discover New Solutions

Explore renewable energy projects, technologies, and products and learn about their technical requirements.


Stay Up-to-Date

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry and new energy investments through parallel conferences held alongside the exhibition.

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technical and strategic conferences Solar+Storage NX will offer more than just booths.

Solar+Storage NX aims to raise awareness among industry professionals for 3 days through a rich conference program, where activities promoting the use and popularization of solar energy will be discussed, various topics related to energy production in Turkey will be evaluated, and the solar sector markets will be assessed in all their dimensions.

Speakers Innovative Perspectives
Shaping Our Future

At the Solar + Storage NX 2024 Conference, which will be held concurrently with the exhibition, more than 3,000 attendees will learn about current topics in solar energy and energy storage technologies in 35 sessions over three days. The conference aims to provide innovative perspectives on topics such as new technologies, future business models, carbon impacts in combating climate change, changing investor and demand profiles in renewable energy, and the rising star of the energy sector: storage, contributing to the future of the Turkish energy sector.

sponsors Business Partners

Solar+Storage NX, bringing together industry representatives with a model of sectoral collaboration and solidarity, supported by all stakeholders of the sector.