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Pumped-storage hydroelectric power plants included in the incentive scheme

Investments in pumped-storage hydroelectric power plants can benefit from renewable energy support mechanisms and domestic contribution incentives

With the law amendment published in today’s issue of the Official Gazette, investments in pumped-storage hydroelectric power plants are included in the Renewable Energy Sources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM) and domestic contribution incentive programs.

The 15th article of the regulation made a change to the third paragraph of the 6th article titled “YEK Support Mechanism” of the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy Sources for the Production of Electricity No. 5346, as follows:

“YEK Support Mechanism

Article 6-

Pumped-storage, river-type or hydroelectric power plants with a reservoir area of less than fifteen square kilometers, as well as wave, current, and tidal energy-based electricity production facilities, can benefit from the prices listed for hydroelectric production facilities in Annex I attached to this Law’s Support Mechanism for Renewable Energy Sources.”