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The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is planning to establish a renewable energy power plant with energy storage

Preparations have started for a solar power plant with an energy storage system to be established in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The draft Technical Specification, prepared by the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority (KIB-TEK), has been made available for review according to the statement published by KIB-TEK.

According to the draft specification, as part of the tender, a high-voltage grid-connected solar power plant with a minimum capacity of 35 MWp and a maximum capacity of 50 MWp, as well as an energy storage system with a capacity of at least 35 MW/17.5 MWh, will need to be installed in the country.

Production from solar energy can be carried out not only with photovoltaic panels but also with other technologies.

However, if a different solar energy technology is used, the interested company must have successfully installed and operated a 35 MWp plant at least once and a total of at least 100 MWp plant using this technology.

All photovoltaic panels used in the plant must be provided by a single manufacturer, while the manufacturers of the inverters used must have their own office and service center within the borders of the TRNC and/or Turkey.

The winning bidder of the tender, which will be carried out through the Build-Operate-Transfer model, will transfer the facility to KIB-TEK with all its units after the operating period. The operating period will be 12 years from the start of energy sales to KIB-TEK after the temporary acceptance.

The ceiling price for the auction, which will be held by an open tender, will be applied as 12 US cents.