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Kontrolmatik will commission its first energy storage facility in 2024

Kontrolmatik technology announced that it plans to commission Progresiva ESS-1 Independent Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Facility, which will be Turkey’s first lithium-ion energy storage facility, within 2.5 years.

According to the written statement released by the company, Progresiva Energy Investments Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kontrolmatik, has been granted the right to trade electricity and capacity by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority for a 20-year period.

The company plans to complete the environmental impact assessment studies of the facility, which will be located in Silivri, Istanbul, within the first 12 months, and the installation works within the next 18 months, and to put the facility into operation within 2.5 years.

When completed, the facility will have a connection power of 250 MW and a total energy storage capacity of 1,000 MWh, allowing it to reach full capacity in 4 hours. The facility will be able to supply energy to the grid with a maximum capacity of 250 MW or store energy from the system to the battery group instantly.

The facility, which will be connected to the national grid via the 400 kV GIS Transformer Center, will also provide Arbitrage, Primary/Secondary Frequency Control, Imbalance, and Tertiary services to the national grid.

The facility, which will be one of the few applications in the world with its scale and technology, and the first in Turkey, will use lithium-ion batteries produced by Pomega Energy Storage Technologies, another company owned by Kontrolmatik Technology, at the Pomega Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cell Factory in Polatlı, Ankara.