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“Energy storage technologies will shape tomorrow”

Meral İnci Zaim, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of İnci Holding, commented on the company’s efforts in the field of energy storage, aiming to become an expert manufacturer in this area, stating that their projects and investments for storing energy generated from renewable sources such as solar energy will shape the future of the industry.

According to the news report by Selim Türsen from Hürriyet newspaper, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of İnci Holding stated the following: “Turkey is a country with abundant sunshine. There is a wide range of development opportunities in this sector. New technologies will make significant contributions to the economy. In fact, the storage problem has been solved technologically. However, the cost of investing in solar energy is not competitive with other energy sources. We need to procure it at a lower cost. People want to use energy at the most reasonable price. But technology is developing so fast that technologies that will reduce prices and costs will be developed at some point.”