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Collaboration will be made with Japan in energy storage

Japan and Turkey to continue their collaboration on energy storage Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Fatih Donmez, stated that despite the suspension of the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant Project, collaborations with Japan in the field of energy will continue.

In an interview on BloombergHT’s Energy Agenda program, Minister Donmez said that the feasibility studies presented by the Japanese consortium for the Sinop NPP were found to be unacceptable in terms of both timeline and cost.

Minister Donmez continued by saying, “We have very significant economic relations with Japan that cover different areas. While nuclear power plants may not be on the agenda today, there is an agreement to increase cooperation in other areas of energy and to implement joint projects. We will collaborate on renewable energy sources, local resources, clean coal technologies, and energy storage technologies. In fact, we have expanded our collaboration with Japan.”