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Storage applications have reached 165 GW

Mustafa Yılmaz, the President of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), shared the latest information on energy storage investment applications.

In his written statement, Mustafa Yılmaz announced that, following the publication of the secondary legislation, 2,753 energy storage projects based on wind and solar power with a total capacity of 164,200 MW have been applied for by the end of 2022.

Yılmaz also shared information that 1,542 projects, generating 72,400 MW, were based on solar energy and 1,211 projects, generating 91,800 MW, were based on wind energy.

Mustafa Yılmaz, who reminded that the capacity allocated for storage investments would be around 30,000 MW, also pointed out that this would mean an investment of around 40-45 billion dollars, while all applications could reach a total investment size of 230 billion dollars.

Yılmaz, who believes that there will be a huge investment attack in the renewable energy sector in the 100th anniversary of the Republic, said:

“I have emphasized before. With battery storage, our renewable energy sources will now work like baseload power plants. We will both include more domestic-renewable capacity in the system and increase our supply security by increasing dispatchable capacity.”

Applications are ongoing

Following the secondary legislation amendments published in the Official Gazette on November 19, 2022, EPDK began accepting pre-license applications for wind and solar power plant license rights, without competition, based on the capacity of the storage facility that energy investors will establish in return for establishing storage facilities.

After the evaluation process initiated by the institution is completed, the applications evaluated will be sent to the General Directorate of TEIAS in order to allocate capacity – provided that they are complete and in order. Then, these applications with allocated capacity will be sent to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources for technical evaluation.

If the investors who applied for pre-licenses also fulfill their other obligations, they will be granted a pre-license by the EPDK.